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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 14, 2015, 9:26 AM

Stolen from BlackAlbatross1

(modified to protect PII)


dA Username: seishyn
Name: Kelly
Nicknames and/or Preferred Names: Kelly is fine.
Country: USA
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Favorite Digital Art Program: Photoshop, but to be honest, it's the only one I've tried so far. I'd like to check out SAI sometime.
Favorite Traditional Art Medium: Pencil is the most convenient, I do love watercolor, though, and pastels are fun. Oil is more of an investment time, space, and money-wise, but I love that, too.
Favorite dA Artists: Artgerm, Sandara; those come to mind right away, but there are many fantastic DA artists
Favorite Movies: So many, here are a few: for action: 300, scifi: Serenity, Miyazaki film: Spirited Away & Howl's Moving Castle, chick flick: Ever After & Much Ado About Nothing
Favorite TV Shows: Firefly, several anime
Favorite Music Artists/Bands: there are a lot, I like alternative rock and trance/chillstep, and most things in between.
Favorite Games: WoW, Diablo, Bastion, Transistor, Portal, Tomb Raider, Chrono Trigger, FF, Trine, Torchlight, Lunar, I'm probably forgetting some
Fandoms You're Stuck In: Not really anything in particular

Pets: Love my pets. I like all animals, but more of a cat person if I had to pick.
Scars? Yep
Tattoos? Not yet
Piercings? 5
Alcohol? Yeah
Drugs? No
Eye colour: blue-green
Hair colour: light brown

Digital or Traditional? Both
Mouse or Tablet? Tablet
Beach or Mountains? That's tough. I grew up in the mountains, and lived briefly by a pretty awesome beach. I love both.
Dolphins or Sharks? Dolphins, hands down.
Would you rather fight 100 third graders one at a time or 50 all at once? O.o
On sunny days, you: Enjoy the sun, make a point to go outside for part of the day
On rainy days, you: Listen to it, do more indoor activities
On hot days, you: stay under some kind of shade, drink cool drinks.
On cold days, you: get a blanket and a hot drink and watch a movie, cuddling is awesome if available


How many OCs do you have?  I'm working on writing 3 books. For my smallest story (realistic world, focuses on one main character in one city) I have 16 so far. For my biggest (fantasy; several main characters, covers an entire continent) I have over 50 so far. About even number of male and female characters, though I wrote mostly about the female ones below.
What fandom do most of them belong to? Each story has a different world of my own creation
Which one is your favorite?
    Fantasy: Ryniel was my first, so I'll stick with her. Ryniel's a badass fighter, but with innocence and compassion. She has a gentle nature. She is a representative of her people in the war to come as they gather support from all nations of the land. 
    Futuristic: Alexis is passionate, determined, resourceful, and resilient as she joins the resistance and fights an impossibly powerful and oppressive enemy.
    Modern Day: Maia is passionate, adventurous, and kind natured, but when she is forced to kill the man she loves after he's turned evil and her teacher sacrifices his life the same night, she is bent on infiltrating and destroying the group responsible for the tragedy.
Which one do you draw the most? Seirene is my most malleable character. The original version of her is the fantasy one. She lost her whole family and her people when she was still a kid and as one of the last of her kind, is being hunted by the enemy. She has the ability to charm others, and is very beautiful and graceful, a dancer and a musician, but that is a mask. Underneath she is jaded, blunt, resourceful, and tough. She's a very deadly and graceful fighter. 
Do you commission work of them? I did a long time ago. Although I had the commission be of Seirene and Veyl. Veyl is another of my favorites. She's a bit of a tragic character in my fantasy story. She never knew her parents growing up. Veyl was turned into a powerful demon of death and chaos as a young adult. Despite the change, she still has a very loving heart, so she has trouble coming to terms with her role which seems to emanate from her whether or not she wants it to. Anything she touches withers. Even as she walks, the ground around her feet dies.
Do you request work of them? I haven't
Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own? Huh?
How do you keep track of them? I have a character list for each story
Are there any that you would make real if you had the chance? Some of them, definitely. Several would do just fine because they already live in a similar world.


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United States
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